Tarragon Essential oil
Tarragon Essential oil
Botanical name:
Artemisia Dracunculus
Country of Origin:
Part Used:
Method of Extraction:
Steam distillation
Medicinal Use:

Tarragon oil stimulates the appetite and has a pronounced effect on the sluggish digestive system.It can be helpful for anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence, hiccups, internal spasm and nervous indigestion, as well as helpful for menstrual pains and to regulate periods.


Use to coat chicken or fish for a tarragon flavor before broiling or grilling. Use on chicken or turkey before roasting. Use as part of a marinade for chicken, turkey or fish. Mix with lemon juice or white wine vinegar and a little salt, if you wish, to make a tarragon salad dressing.

In this recipe, the oil is first blended with the herbs, and then allowed 2 days to develop its tarragon flavor. The oil will develop an emerald green color.

Specific Safety information:

that should not be used during pregnancy