Salvia Essential oil
Salvia Essential oil
Botanical name:
Salvia officinalis
Country of Origin:
Part Used:
Leaves, whole herb
Method of Extraction:
Steam distillation
Medicinal Use:

Stimulant, as stringent, tonic and carminative. Has been used in dyspepsia, but is now mostly employed as a condiment. In the United States, where it is still an official medicine, it is in some repute, especially in the form of an infusion, the principal and most valued application of which is as a wash for the cure of affections of the mouth and as a gargle in inflamed sore throat, being excellent for relaxed throat and tonsils, and also for ulcerated throat. The gargle is useful for bleeding gums and to prevent an excessive flow of saliva.

Specific Safety information:

Keep out of reach of children. Dilute properly; skin irritant; skin sensitizer. Avoid if pregnant. People with high blood pressure should avoid. People with epilepsy should avoid.